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About Ranking

The Master K Karate System is designed to incrementally instruct various elements of reality-based self-defense. Elements learned in earlier belts are expanded and honed in later ranks to address myriad of other defensive scenarios. This method is both easier to learn and has better student retention. None of the material is too challenging or physically restricting.

Master K Shelby recognizes that students learn differently and strives to adjust the teaching methods to accommodate everyone's level of ability. Both students and parents should recognize that the School DOES NOT advance students that are not capable of performing the required material with adequate proficiency - regardless of the time spent learning them.

The School's focus is on the maturity, knowledge and skill level a rank represents. Without it, belt color is meaningless.


The following is a sequential list of rankings within the Master K System:

White Belt ( Beginner )

White Belt / Yellow Stripe

Yellow Belt

Purple Belt

Purple Belt / Green Stripe

Green Belt

Green Belt / Blue Stripe

Blue Belt

Blue Belt / Red Stripe

Red Belt

Red Belt / Black Stripe

Red Belt / 2 Black Stripes

Black Belt ( Dan )

Black Belt / 2 Gold Stripes ( Sensei )

Black Belt / 3 Gold Stripes ( Sensei )

Black Belt / 4 Gold Stripes ( Sensei )

Black Belt / Red Stripe ( Master )


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