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About the Master K Karate Style

Grand Master Joseph Kirchner has developed a style of martial arts that is sanctioned by the North American Karate Association. Named the Master K System, it consists of a combination of the most effective techniques taken from a variety of disciplines he's studied since 1958: 7th Dan Master Tang Soo Do, 6th Dan Master Kenpo 4th Dan Judo/Ju Jitsu, 2nd Dan Chung Fa Kung Fu, Brown Belt Hap Ki Do, 30 Years experience Ai Ki Do, and 50+ years Boxing.

The Master K System does not include every technique from each style, but rather only the techniques which are most effective in a real life situation. As in any style of self defense, there are strengths and weaknesses. The System draws from the strengths of each art while disregarding the weaknesses. The result is an exceptionally effective reality-based system of self defense which is sanctioned by the North American Karate Association.


The following are brief descriptions of techniques utilized from each art:

Tang Soo Do
Katas, circular blocks, direct strikes, kicks and the Chinese influence of redirection.

Speed hitting, multiple striking, the deadly pinpoint accuracy of priority targets and pressure points in close quarters situations.

Tae Kwon Do

Ai Ki Do
Wrist locks, arm bars, pressure points, manipulations, take downs, gun, knife, and club defense, redirecting ones momentum, distraction.

Ju Jitsu / Judo
Grappling, wrist locks, arm bars, pressure points, manipulations, throws, take downs, pins, submissions, gun, knife, and club defense.

Kung Fu
Circular parries, traps, simultaneous block / hitting, cat stances evasiveness, redirection, gate system, small box theory, stance transfer, deception, and techniques taken from the tiger, crane, snake, monkey, and the dragon.

Hap Ki Do
Escapes from holds, throws, takedowns close quarter situations.

Boxing / Kickboxing
Proper fighting stance, effective punching, footwork, counter punching, distance fighting, slipping, feinting, defensive skills. Combination kicking/punching.


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