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School Rules



Tuition must be paid on or before the due date or a late charge of $5.00 will be assessed.
All make-up classes must be approved by the office BEFORE a student will be absent. Due date extensions are not practiced.
Due date is located on your last tuition receipt.
Any student absent on their due date must call in prior to class.
Failure to call in when absent on a due date will result in a $5.00 late charge. Your next set of lessons will be charged retroactive from your last due date.

All gis (uniforms) must be purchased through Master K's.
Gis are to be clean, pressed, hemmed and worn according to rank:

White thru Purple Belt: White or Black Gi
Green thru Blue Belt w/ Red Stripe: White or Black Gi
Red thru Red Belt w/ 2bl Black Stripe: White, Black or Red Gi
Black Belt: May interchange Gi top and pant colors

All students must have properly fitting sparring equipment to spar.
All sparring and safety equipment must be purchased through Master K's. The ensures the school's insurance compliance.
All sparring equipment must be purchased -and used- before testing for Yellow Belt.

Instructor will notify student when ready to test.
Student's behavior in class affects his-her ability to test.
Testing fee is due on or before the day of testing. Check with your instructor for amount.
Students testing must wear a clean and pressed Master K's White Gi. No color tees!
Boards needed for breaking are supplied by the student. Check with instructor for correct type and size.

Be on time. Late arrivals should remain at the entrance until an instructor permits entrance.
Sign in prior to class.
Remove shoes and bow before entering the floor.
Warm up prior to class. This is not a time to socialize.
Do not speak out of turn during class. Use your eyes and ears to learn. Most questions will become answered.
Bow and say thank you after receiving instruction from a higher rank.
Never cut through the ranks while in line formation.
Permission must be granted by instructor to leave the floor during class.
Children may not leave the dojo unless a parent/guardian is present to pick them up. The child may not wait in the parking lot our outside of the building.
Parents must come inside the dojo to pick up their child/children.
No sparring without Black Belt supervision.
Be humble, never boast of your skills.
Keep toe and fingernails short to prevent partner injury.
Keep dojo and facilities clean. If you see trash, please dispose of it.
No smoking, drinking, eating, chewing gum, swearing or wearing of jewelry in the building.
Some 12 year olds may be required to attend adult classes due to their size.
Black Belt or appointed head instructor must be present during any board breaking.
Students under 18 years must break boards with a palm strike only.

Observers are welcome to quietly remain in the seating area.
Do not communicate the the instructor or student during class.
Keep dojo and facilities clean. If you see trash, please dispose of it.


Class fees and schedules are subject to change. There are no refunds or make-up class due to these changes. Changes also include changes in a student's personal life or class cancellations due to weather, power failures, holidays or situation beyond the the school's control.


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