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How to Tie Your Karate Belt

The graphic below is a step-by-step illustration of how to properly tie a belt. Note that its shown as a true frontal perspective and not a mirror image. Striped end will always be on your left. Please see an instructor with any questions.



Wrap your belt around the waist twice. If a stripe is present, it should be on the right side. Adjust lengths of the ends to make them even.


2 Take the left end and slip it up and under both wraps.


3 Pull the ends to a comfortable tightness. Recheck for equal end lengths


4 Take the left end and point it to the right.


5 Take the right end and lay it over the left, making a hole.


6 Reach through the hole to grab and pull the right end up and through the hole.


7 Pull both ends tight. A fortune cookie shape insures you tied it correctly. Note the any stripe should hand on the left side and that both ends are even in length. Be sure to check that both wraps around the waist are properly overlapped to appear as a single wrap.  





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